20 best and useful drill bits for all work


 20 best and useful drill bits 

  For all work
Top tools

1) Rotary Hammer Bit or SDS Plus Bit 
sizwe 6mm ,25 mm or regyular siz 
6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm
Use for wall holl

2)Diamond Coated Drill Bit or Glass Tile Drill Bit 
size 6mm ,30mm,50mm,100mm
Use for glass and marble holl. 

3)Wood Drill BIt
size 4mm ,to 8mm
Use for wooden holl
4) Spade Drill Bit
or Flat Drill Bit 
10mm ,25mm
Use for wood holls

5)Hole Saw Drill Bit or Circle Cutter Drill Bit 
size 19mm,64mm
Use for pvc holl and wooden holls. 

6) Adjustable Size Hole Saw Drill Bit or Circle Cutter Drill Bit 
Use for circle cutting 

7)Masonry Drill Bit or Wall Drill Bit
size 2mm ,20mm 
Use for wall holls

8)Twist Drill Milling Bit or Sawtooth Drill Bit 
size 3mm ,8mm
Use for cut the holl or cross cut

9)Metal Drill Bit
size 1mm ,26mm 
Use for iron holls


10)Socket Nut Bit
4mm ,32mm 
Use for nuts luss Or taite 

11)Countersink Drill Bit
size 3mm,27mm
Use for punching in wood and iron. 

12)Rotary Burr Bit or Wood Carving Bit

13)Flexible Shaft Extension Drill Bit
Use for open and close nuts and scru

14) Pointed Drill Bit
or Arrow Drill Bit 
or Glass / Tile Drill Bit
Use for punching in glass and marbles

15) Screw Driver Bit
Use in open and close a scru

16)Hinge Drill Bit or Boring Forstner Bit
Use for 
17)Nut Setter Bit or Nut Socket
6mm ,16mm
Use  for 

18)Step Drill Bit or Cone Drill Bit

19)Screw Extractor Bit or Damaged Bolts Screws Drill Bit
20)Square Hole chisel Bit


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