ceiling fan winding data orient 20m.m.



 orient fan winding data 

Orient 56 inch ceiling fan  winding datalength in 20mm

 ceilingfanwinding coil 

You can see all the ceiling fan  winding data click hier

Today we will learn in this post

How to make

Orient ceiling fan winding data

Easy to rewinding data|

Example Orient ceiling fan  wire gauge

How many numbers to use be swg wires and rwg wires.

Stamping length in 20mm.Do the counting wires orient ceiling fan  winding |



Orient Ceiling Fan Winding Data

16 slot orient ceiling fan rewinding data.

Size Of Fan =56"

 capactor=2.50 mfd

Stamping Length In : 20m.m.

coil total =ranig-20 starating-20=40

 This is a single phase motor.

This motor has 2 coils a running coil and 2 stating coil

 Let's get started fast running winding coil

Running  total coil : 20

Running turns per one coil : 330

Running wire SWG : 35

Let's get started secand starting winding coil

 Starting cotal coil : 20

 Starting turn per one coil : 275

 Starting wire  gauge SWG : 35

 Let's get started new winding data

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