how to make an series testing board


how to make an series testing board

A series board is needed to check the electrical item No. is to repair and see what the problem is. To check the connection of any electric machine or motor, a series board is needed to check the body earth.

how to make a series testing bord

To make the series board we will need 1 100 watt lamp, then 1 holder, 1 switch and wire.

  1. 1 lamp in 100 watt 
  2. 1 lemp holder
  3. 1 switch
  4. wire
  5. socket 

Holder, lamp, switch, wire are required to make a series board. With the help of this we can check any electric motor or machine, if any circuit is open or sort it can be checked from the series board, you can use this board. Can be used to check like a multi meter

  • Angle Holder
  • One way switch
  • Three pin socket
  • Fypin top
  • Lamp 100 watt
  • 1 board
  • wire
A series board works on the principle of a circuit board in which whenever power is supplied, the switch first goes to the socket and then to the socket, while the second contact of the socket goes to the holder of the lamp and the second terminal of the holder is to provide the voltage. When a series wire is soldered to the terminal of the socket, then the lamp will turn on, then you can do the series wiring.


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